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Call Tracking

Do you know where your phone calls are coming from?

Our call tracking and recording solution provides you with valuable call information to increase your sales & revenue through all your marketing channels. Always know what is making your phone ring!

Call Tracking is a simple and effective phone call monitoring and analytics solution to optimize your marketing performance. Make the most of your marketing budget by identifying the channels and campaigns that are driving the most calls and the most revenue.

Track online calls from sources including Google & Bing Pay-Per-Click, Facebook and organic search. You can also track offline calls from Yellow Pages, direct mail, print ads, TV and radio spots, billboards, and more.

Real-time reporting means you'll know which advertisements are generating calls and which are a waste of your marketing budget. Every time a person calls your firm through a tracking phone number, our system captures the caller's phone number, call date and time, caller location and can even record the call.


  • Get accountability from your existing ad budget
  • Know exactly which marketing campaigns are generating calls
  • Use call recording to understand and improve your law office
  • Connect with visitors when they are ready to act


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